My Food

The Perfect pizza, A Real NYC Classic

Most expenisve pizza in NYC near the South Street Seaport in Lower Manhattan, a worth of $2000.

hot dog

Hot Dog or gold dog

Most expensive hot dog, at $169 located in japan, restaurants name Tokyo Dog


Wagyu No Sumibiyak

Best and most expensive steak in the world, if you want to get a taste of this steak you have to travel across the world to Hong Kong.

Pasta and Wine

Versace dish

New York restaurant BiCE is selling a pasta dish topped with lobster and black truffle for $2,013 a plate

wine bottle

Chateau Margaux 2009

Bottle of money, Got $195,000 to spare? Then make your way to Le Clos in the Dubai International Airport.


Pasión Azteca

a $3,500,000 per bottle 0f platinum liquor.


The perfect drink for the rich

Just some water, but don't get it twisted, its $60,000 per 750ML. Each bottle supposedly contains spring water gathered from France and Fiji, and glacier water from Iceland, and a splash of gold dust by Fernando Altamirano

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